Power Maxed Car Jet Wash & Wax

£7.99 Inc Vat

Power Maxed Car Wash is a shampoo with wax to provide a touchless wash to any vehicle to remove grit and other contaminants.


Power Maxed Car Jet Wash & Wax – The Ultimate Pre-Wash for a Pristine Shine

Power Maxed Car Jet Wash & Wax is your ultimate pre-wash solution, engineered to provide a touchless and effective clean for your vehicle. Say goodbye to grit and stubborn contaminants that have no place on your car’s surface. This premium pre-wash formula eliminates these intruders effortlessly and prepares your vehicle for the next stage of your car-cleaning routine, ensuring they are removed without harming your valuable waxes or sealants.

Our Jet Wash & Wax features advanced foam boosters designed to lift and disperse various contaminants, such as oil, grease, and tough dirt, away from your vehicle’s surface. This results in a safe and hassle-free cleaning process that leaves your car spotless. Moreover, our formula contains high-quality Carnauba wax, leaving behind a protective layer that not only ensures a pristine shine but also shields your vehicle from potential damage.

Key Benefits:

  • Touchless Pre-Washes: Power Maxed Car Jet Wash & Wax is the ideal pre-wash for various vehicles, ensuring that contaminants are removed with minimal contact, preserving the integrity of your car’s finish.
  • Wash and Wax All Vehicles: Our versatile formula is suitable for all vehicles, from cars to trucks, and even recreational vehicles. Experience a touchless and effective pre-wash that sets the stage for a stunning finish.
  • Perfect for Jet Washers: By adding this formula to your jet washer, you can effortlessly achieve a touchless clean, making your car-cleaning routine quicker and more convenient.
  • PH Neutral Wash: Safe for delicate materials, Power Maxed Car Jet Wash & Wax maintains a PH-neutral balance, ensuring the protection of sensitive surfaces while delivering a thorough clean.
  • Removes Tough Contaminants: Whether it’s road salt, grit, bugs, tree sap, or stubborn dirt, our formula excels at lifting and dispersing these contaminants, leaving your vehicle immaculate.

Perfect For:

  • Car Enthusiasts: Ideal for car enthusiasts who demand a spotless finish without compromising on the integrity of their vehicle’s paintwork.
  • Professional Detailers: Trusted by professional detailers for its effectiveness in removing tough contaminants and preparing vehicles for further detailing.
  • Car Wash Businesses: Perfect for car wash businesses looking to offer a premium pre-wash service that delivers exceptional results and customer satisfaction.
  • Fleet Vehicles: Suitable for fleet vehicles, including trucks, vans, and buses, to maintain a clean and professional appearance on the road.
  • Recreational Vehicles: Effective for cleaning recreational vehicles such as RVs and campers, ensuring they remain in top condition for outdoor adventures.

Experience the convenience of a touchless pre-wash that sets the stage for a pristine shine. With Power Maxed Car Jet Wash & Wax, you can effortlessly remove unwanted contaminants, ensuring your vehicle is well-prepared for the next stages of your car-cleaning routine. Available in 1L ready-to-use, 5ltr and 25ltr concentrates 25-1, our premium formula is your key to a spotless, showroom-worthy vehicle.

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