Power Maxed Deluxe Alloy Wheel Cleaner / Fallout Remover

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Power Maxed Alloy Wheel Cleaner is an advanced reactive formula that targets and oxidises iron-based contamination.



Power Maxed Deluxe Alloy Wheel Cleaner / Fallout Remover

Brake dust, iron filings, and iron-based contaminants can be relentless enemies of your vehicle’s pristine appearance. But now, you have a powerful ally in your fight to maintain that showroom shine – Power Maxed Iron Off Fallout Remover.

This advanced reactive formula is designed to specifically target and oxidize iron-based contamination. Whether it’s brake dust or other stubborn particles, Iron Off makes them vanish, leaving your vehicle looking fresh and clean.

Key Features:

  • Iron-Based Contaminant Remover: Iron Off Fallout Remover is your go-to solution for eliminating iron-based contamination. It’s perfect for removing brake dust and iron filings, allowing your vehicle to regain its flawless appearance.
  • Safe for All Exterior Surfaces: Use with confidence on all exterior surfaces, including paintwork, stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, glass, plastic, anodized finishes, and rubber. You can trust Iron Off to work its magic without causing harm.
  • All-Round Decontaminant: Iron Off doesn’t stop at iron-based contaminants. It also contains strong degreasing agents that help loosen general grime, making it a versatile solution for an all-round decontamination process.

Perfect for:

  • Removing Iron Contaminants from Wheels: Say goodbye to stubborn brake dust and iron filings that can mar your wheels’ appearance.
  • Protecting Paintwork and Alloys: While it cleans, Iron Off also safeguards your vehicle’s paintwork and alloys, preserving their shine and finish.
  • Body Shop Friendly: Iron Off is non-caustic and silicone-free, making it an ideal choice for body shops where safety and effectiveness are top priorities.

Revive your vehicle’s shine and keep it looking its best with Power Maxed Iron Off Fallout Remover. Say farewell to stubborn iron-based contaminants and welcome back that showroom-worthy appearance.

SDS Download: Deluxe Alloy Wheel Cleaner

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