Power Maxed Deluxe Drying Towel 50cm x 80cm

£6.99 Inc Vat

A luxury drying towel with an ultra-deep pile developed to safely dry your vehicle with ease.


Power Maxed Deluxe Drying Towel: Experience Ultimate Luxury in Car Care

Indulge in the pinnacle of car drying luxury with the Power Maxed Deluxe Drying Towel. Crafted with an ultra-deep pile, this deluxe towel offers unparalleled softness and absorbency, ensuring a swirl-free and streak-free finish every time you dry your vehicle.

Key Features:

  • Luxurious Softness: Immerse yourself in luxury with the ultra-soft super thick pile of this deluxe drying towel. Its plush texture glides effortlessly over your vehicle’s surface, providing a gentle and pampering drying experience.
  • Efficient Water Absorption: Designed for maximum efficiency, this towel quickly and effectively absorbs all surface water, leaving your vehicle dry and streak-free in no time. Say goodbye to water spots and streaks, and enjoy a flawless finish with every use.
  • Versatile Application: Not just for drying, this deluxe towel is also perfect for final buffing and detailing with high-quality waxes and sealants. Achieve a show-ready, professional shine with minimal effort, thanks to the exceptional performance of this versatile towel.
  • Easy Maintenance: Machine washable up to 40°C, maintaining the cleanliness and effectiveness of this towel is effortless. Simply toss it in the washing machine when dirty, and avoid using fabric softener to preserve its absorbency and softness.

Elevate your car care routine to new heights of luxury with the Power Maxed Deluxe Drying Towel. Whether you’re drying your vehicle or adding the final touches with wax or sealant, this deluxe towel delivers unmatched performance and results you can see and feel.