Power Maxed Detailing Interior Brush Set

£4.99 Inc Vat

Specially designed to clean every awkward and hard to reach area inside your vehicle.


Power Maxed Detailing Interior Brush Set: Your Solution for a Spotless Interior

Experience the ultimate cleaning precision with the Power Maxed Detailing Interior Brush Set. This comprehensive set is specially crafted to tackle every nook and cranny inside your vehicle, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning experience.

Key Features:

  • Dash, Console, and Crevice Brush: Equipped with specially designed bristles, this brush effortlessly removes dirt, dust, and grime from hard-to-reach areas such as dashboards, consoles, and crevices. Say goodbye to stubborn residues and enjoy a pristine interior finish.
  • Two-Prong Vent Brush: Featuring a unique two-prong design with a felt-edged brush, this tool is perfect for detailing vent areas. Easily remove dust and debris from air vents, ensuring optimal air quality and a fresh interior environment.
  • Soft Bristle Detail Brush: Engineered with soft bristles and a rubber-tipped end, this brush is ideal for delicate cleaning tasks. From wax removal to cleaning crevices and seams, this versatile tool delivers exceptional results without causing damage to sensitive surfaces.
  • Comprehensive Cleaning: With three essential brushes included in the set, you’ll have everything you need to achieve a thorough interior clean. From intricate details to hard-to-reach areas, this brush set ensures every part of your vehicle’s interior receives the attention it deserves.

Elevate your detailing game and achieve professional-quality results with the Power Maxed Detailing Interior Brush Set. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or a professional detailer, this set is your go-to solution for maintaining a spotless interior.