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Glass Cleaner 500ml


Power Maxed Glass Cleaner Concentrated is a heavy-duty Glass and Mirror cleaner that loosens and breaks down the toughest grime.


Glass Cleaner

Glass and Window Cleaner is a cleaning product designed to quickly and easily remove any amount of even the toughest grime, bug splats and resin from glass such as the windscreen, windows and mirrors.

The product contains a huge proportion of active product compared to most other glass cleaners which ensures immediate dirt penetration and removal, with no streaks and leaving a crystal clear shine.

The product is low viscosity for ease of use and spread of the product, and is highly active so as to require minimal effort from the user.

Perfect for:

  • Cleaning windscreens, inside and out
  • Cleaning mirrors
  • Cleaning windows in the home or in the car, inside and out
  • Removing grime from most glass surfaces
  • Leaving a streak-free shine.

Available in 1L Ready to Use, 5L and 25L products.

SDS Download: Glass Cleaner 500ml

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