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Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair


Steel Seal, with its 99% success rate will seal your blown gasket or cracked head, or receive a full refund under our money-back guarantee. It’s a green transparent liquid formula that permanently seals a crack in the head gasket.

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Steel Seal – Easy Head Gasket Repair

Steel Seal is 100% guaranteed to seal your blown gasket or cracked head. It’s a clear, liquid formula that permanently seals a crack in the head gasket. This sealer will permanently fix the blown gasket or cracked head and stop leakage.

  • Backed with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Steel Seal has 3 patents from the U.S. Government
  • Used by thousands of repair shops nationwide

It will also fix cracked heads and blocks as well as leaking freeze plugs and heater cores.

How Our Guarantee Works:

Quite simply, if the Steel Seal fails to repair your blown head gasket, cracked head or block, or fails at any point during the time you own your vehicle we will send you the additional product at no extra cost, and without the hassle that many people often expect from a guarantee. It’s that straightforward!

You get 100% of your money back!!

If you feel Steel Seal has failed to repair your head gasket please contact Technical support within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Unconditional lifetime warranty

Original owner — Non-transferable

After thirty days Steel Seal will automatically initiate an unconditional lifetime Warranty.

View our full Guarantee Terms here: Lifetime Guarantee

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